COVID-19 Precautions

The safety of our clients is our top priority. We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are taking action based on guidance from public health experts. In order to maintain a safe environment and address client concerns, we are taking the following measures:

We have increased the frequency of disinfecting the human-touched surfaces in in our offices, including removing magazines in the waiting room, cleaning door knobs and the coffee and tea area.


  • We ask that if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are showing symptoms (fever or respiratory symptoms, or have been exposed to someone that has these symptoms) in the past 14 days, please reschedule your appointment and please refrain from going out into the public to avoid further exposure.
  • Please use hand sanitizer and rub hands vigorously for 20 seconds.
  • Please understand that we will avoid hand shaking and will keep a social distance as a precaution.
  • If you have traveled overseas or to an area in the US deemed a high-risk zone, or recently have been exposed to anyone who has traveled to these areas, please reschedule your appointment with your clinician.

A few of the clinicians are offering sessions by phone or Zoom tele-video on-line.  Please speak directly to your clinician if you are interested in this mode of therapy over the next few weeks.

We will continue to respond to the latest on COVID-19 with client safety in mind.
Stay safe and Healthy!
Thank you,

LifeWork Counseling Clinicians

Solutions that work!

At LifeWork Counseling we debunk the notion that people should be perfect.  We all face  struggles and difficult times.  Often we try to make things better but it doesn’t always work.  There are times when we need to reach out for help to sort through problems and learn new ways of coping.  Our approach is effective.  We listen with empathy and convey an understanding of the problem.  Then we work with our clients to find solutions.  Solutions that work!

LifeWork Counseling is dedicated to helping people find solutions that work. We take a compassionate and professional approach in counseling, adhering to evidenced-based standards in clinical practice.

Our licensed counselors offer clients the necessary tools and solutions to manage difficulties associated with anxiety, depression, illness, loss, including relationship and behavioral problems. Our aim is to help our clients gain insight, identify strengths, and find solutions.


Our philosophy at LifeWork is to identify problems and develop solutions in a timely manner.  Our goal is to support our clients through difficult times and to assist them in developing new skills and strategies to improve coping and enhance their quality of life.

At LifeWork we believe that “life” truly “works” when you make the choice to change things.  We’re here to help you find solutions.  Solutions that work!


Staying connected is what most couples want.  Making it happen is the real challenge!  Juggling careers, children, and household responsibilities can weigh heavily on a marriage.  Conflict can derail connection leaving couples feeling distant and unhappy.  A key to long term marital satisfaction is learning how to properly invest in each other.  Marriage counseling helps couples break old patterns and apply new strategies with satisfying results.


Raising a responsible child is a parent’s dream.  Living with an irresponsible teen is a parent’s nightmare!  Parenting is an intimidating role for many adults today.  Counseling offers a clear picture of how to resolve conflicts in the family.  The goal is to help family members to change how they interact in order to understand each other and make the necessary adjustments that facilitate change and increase harmony and respect.


Kids and teens often face personal and social challenges that impede their academic development.  Responsible parents solicit help from qualified professionals to address their child’s needs.

At LifeWork we provide help for the following:  ADD, ADHD, Motivation & Performance,  Anxiety and Mood Disorders, Behavior Problems,  Anger Management, Social Adjustment, Bullying,  Autism & Aspergers, Eating Disorders,  Academic Problems,  Addictions