Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Couples feetThe feet communicate something all couples want–to be connected.  When the feet are interlocked the relationship is safe, loving, and exclusive.  “We are a we.”

Staying connected is not as easy as it may have been when you first became a “we”. Later, it morphs into something different, akin to running a business.  Roles and responsibilities relocate the relationship to the back burner, while jobs and kids (if you have them) move to the front.  Conversations are more about tasks to be done than time for fun.

iStock_000006507097SmallCouples who do not regularly attend to their relationship suffer from “marital drift”, the slow gradual distancing that leads to discontent. Signs of the drift start to pop up everywhere. Even the feet drift apart.  It’s hard to talk without a fight erupting. Intimacy drifts too.

If your relationship is in a drift you may want to seek some help to move it back in the right direction.  Couples counseling is a perfect venue for you to learn how to get your feet back where they belong.  We have skilled counselors who specialize in relationships that can help you break negative patterns and establish healthy connections..

Ask yourself these important questions:

  • What fears and rationalizations do I use to hold myself back from my partner?
  • What is the cost to my happiness, my family and the relationship of holding back?
  • What might be possible in my life if I were to genuinely work on the relationship?
  • What myths and beliefs do I hold about relationship that keep me frustrated from moving closer to my partner?
  • What are my contributions toward the conflict in my relationship?

We can help you find answers and work through the complex problems that interfere in your ability to achieve connection and intimacy.  Our success rate is high, even among the most struggling relationships. Give us a call and we will help you get your feet back where they belong.