Isn’t It Time? Finding Balance in Our Lives

Isn’t It Time? Finding Balance in Our Lives

In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us.

Virginia Woolf

I am a woman on the go.  How about you?  As women wearing multiple hats, we are in high demand! We are busy being mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, granddaughters, employees, community members, and volunteers for various programs.  We organize and orchestrate how our homes are run, our children’s activities, the office holiday parties and it seems like everything else around us. Get the point?

We care for so many people and projects  that we frequently forget to care for ourselves!  For so many of us,  we strive to create balance  in our homes.  Yet we forget to consider how important it is to create balance in our own lives.

So, what happens when we  don’t take the time to create balance? Depression and fatigue can increase,  which  leads to anger and resentment.   These emotions may be expressed either externally- yelling and screaming or internally; feeling sad and overwhelmed.   We frequently try to find balance and serenity in our  lives but don’t take the time to do what it takes to achieve it.

There are ways to create balance and harmony in life but it takes commitment and a realization that balance is  important in your life. There needs  to be a willingness to make changes and put yourself first. Here are some helpful tips to get started.

  1.  Develop a list of your values and priorities. When you review the list determine if how you are spending your days are consistent with your values. Ask yourself, “is this how I want my life to be?” If your daily activities are not in tune with your values and  priorities, identify what changes you can make and how to make them. Be creative!  All too often, when we are scared of change it is hard  to find a solution. Allow yourself time to brainstorm ideas.
  2. Begin to set boundaries and learn to say “no.” If you are being asked to do something that is not in line with your values and priorities, why would you say yes?
  3. Allow those around you to help. Some neighborhoods have begun to organize potlucks to alleviate some of the pressure of cooking every night. They also share carpooling with other parent   Why not allow those at home with help with laundry?  You can help by not caring on how the towels are folded!
  4. Start your day off focused on you and your sense of peace. Get up early in the morning and focus on what you enjoy- reading, praying or simply drinking coffee in the quiet.
  5. Exercise and eat healthy. You won’t let your children sit around for days at a time, eating whatever they have time for, while not getting any fresh air!  Why would you accept this type of behavior from yourself?
  6. If you don’t feel like you can find ways to begin creating balance, considering outside assistance maybe helpful.  

Now is the time to begin to do what it takes to create balance in your life.  Finding balance allows us to “give passionate attention to our lives.” Isn’t it time?

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