Bringing Intimacy Back: 7 Ways to Restore Intimacy in Your Relationship

Bringing Intimacy Back: 7 Ways to Restore Intimacy in Your Relationship

Laying in bed with your feet interlocked.  The picture says something.  We’re okay.  We’re connected.  We are a we.  My wife and I cuddle in bed.  I can’t do the feet thing.  I’m too ticklish.  Nothing better though than wrapping your arms around a warm body at the end and the start of the day.

Do you get the picture?  I just don’t mean “get it” as in understand it.  I mean, do you get it?  Do you get to connect with your spouse/partner at this level on a regular basis?

In the movie, “The Story of Us”, Bruce Willis’ character said he knew everything was okay in his marriage if their feet were interlocked in bed.  What did it mean?

They were in a state of intimacy.

What happened to intimacy?

The bulk of my professional work is with couples.  In the course of a week I run through a gamut of relationship issues.  One of the most frequent couple problems I see today is in the area of intimacy.  Among the concerns raised, is the lack of sustaining intimacy on a consistent basis.  There very thing that in the beginning set the relationship in motion, is somehow lacking.  What gives?

I have been tracking this issue among couples, listening carefully to their stories, doing my own research, and having discussions with my colleagues about the subject.  It is a disturbing trend that affects couples whether they are in the early phase of married life or been together for a long period of time.  The fear among many is that they have lost romance and become roommates.

A New Book!

Many of you have read my recent release, “Bringing Respect Back: Communicating Without The Conflict”.  In it I address respect, a missing element that contributes to a breakdown in relationships.   I teach my readers how to give and earn respect by offering tools and strategies that improves communication and builds trust.  The dual benefit is less conflict and more connection.

In response to the intimacy problem in relationships, I have decided to write a second book: “Bringing Intimacy Back: How to Restore Romance in Your Relationship”.  I plan to have it ready for distribution in the fall of this year.  In the meantime, I have written a shorter version an e-workbook: “Bringing Intimacy Back: 7 Ways to Restore Romance in Your Relationship”.  I want to get this information in the hands of couples as soon as possible.  In a moment I will tell you how to get it for free!

E-Workbook – Bringing Intimacy Back: 7 Ways to Restore Romance in Your Relationship

This workbook is designed to go through as a couple or can be used independently.  Either way, it is a helpful tool to take you step-by-step in bringing intimacy back into your relationship.  Here is what you will learn in this workbook.

What is Intimacy?
10 Barriers to Intimacy?
7 Ways to Bring Intimacy Back Into Your Relationship
10 Benefits You Will Experience in Your Relationship

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Bringing Intimacy Back: 7 Ways to Restore Intimacy in Your Relationship

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