Time to Spring Clean Your Relationship?

Time to Spring Clean Your Relationship?

Spring is a time for renewal. It is a time to clean out our closets, to let go of our excess “baggage.” We do this every year in our homes, yet we rarely do this in our relationships  and in our emotional lives. Cleaning out our emotional lives allows us to move forward and have more fulfilling lives and relationships.  Who wouldn’t want that?

5 Steps to Help “Spring Clean” your relationship

  1. Review the past year. What can you learn from your challenging times? How did you get into the situation, what kept you there, and how were you able to move forward? Learn from the past and let it go.
  2. Ask for forgiveness from your partner. When we cause someone to hurt we must ask them for forgiveness. Be sincere in your apology, back it up with actions, and allow your partner time to process.
  3. Grant forgiveness to your partner. When someone causes us to hurt we can make the choice to forgive them. This is one of the most important parts in moving forward with our life/relationship. In granting forgiveness, you must share your hurt with your partner so it is fully understood. The two of you need to come up with an agreeable course of action to regain trust that has been lost. Lastly, give yourself some time to process.
  4. Renew your commitment to each other. Sit down with your partner and have the conversation. What is it that you “need” in your relationship? What are each of you willing to do for yourself and for each other to better this relationship? What are your “wants” out of the relationship?
  5. Add life into your relationship. We tend to get stagnant during the winter. Start doing things with your partner and loved ones that create positive life affirming experiences.




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