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Is Technology Ruining Our Relationships??

In the past 10 years we have seen an explosion in new forms of social technologies. With the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, texting, smartphones, and tablets, connecting to anyone and everyone is virtually possible. We now have more ways to “connect” with people but is this new form of communication causing a disconnect with those most important to us? …

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Daily Mantras

I love keywords. I love quotes and famous sayings. I think having a short phrase that stands out in our mind can help keep us grounded in our often hectic day.  Clients have told me how helpful it can be to select a quote or “mantra” and repeat it over and over throughout the day to help lesson anxiety, or …

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Time to Spring Clean Your Relationship?

Spring is a time for renewal. It is a time to clean out our closets, to let go of our excess “baggage.” We do this every year in our homes, yet we rarely do this in our relationships  and in our emotional lives. Cleaning out our emotional lives allows us to move forward and have more fulfilling lives and relationships.  …

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Honoring the “Do” in “I Do”

Lately, in my work with couples, I’ve come to notice that one of the biggest issues my clients are facing is that they no longer do things together or for each other. They’ve come to the point that happens after many years of being together and raising a family that the focus gets shifted anywhere but on the relationship. We …

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Moving Forward After A Loss

2009 started off with a bang. Within the first month I managed to plan every one of life’s major events into one year. My boyfriend (now husband) and I found out we were pregnant, we got engaged, planned a wedding, got married, and bought a house. In the mean time, I was finishing my Masters degree in Marriage and Family …

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A look at what makes a life partner

We all know the famous Beatles song “All You Need Is Love,” but how true is this? Is love all we need to make a successful, fulfilling relationship? Or is there more to it? Everyone has their own definition of what love is. Take a moment and think about what your definition is? What does love feel like to you? …

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