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Bringing Intimacy Back: 7 Ways to Restore Intimacy in Your Relationship


Laying in bed with your feet interlocked.  The picture says something.  We’re okay.  We’re connected.  We are a we.  My wife and I cuddle in bed.  I can’t do the feet thing.  I’m too ticklish.  Nothing better though than wrapping your arms around a warm body at the end and the start of the day. Do you get the picture? …

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How to Make the Best of Now


If Only I Had a DeLorean! On several occasions this past week while I was seeing clients in counseling, I kept thinking, “If only they had a DeLorean!”  You remember the famed car from the “Back to the Future” trilogy?  Marty McFly had the power to go backward or forward in time.  By punching in the date of his choice, …

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5 Ways To Disarm an Argument


Arguments are inevitable.  Can’t avoid them 100% of the time.  Under certain circumstances the probability increases a fight is coming.  Things like– a bad mood– rough day–or, “oops, I forgot”.  Then there are conflicts that blindside you.  Everything seems to be going well–good mood–smooth day– and “got it done”.  All of a sudden–BAM! A fight explodes from nowhere.  Arguments, not …

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Failing In The Right Direction


I surprised my wife Marian this weekend with an overnight at the Herrington Inn, a lovely hotel on the Fox River in Geneva, Illinois.  It was a nice break after feeling cooped-up during the arctic freeze that forced us into hibernation.  A cozy getaway was a perfect remedy. We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (Niche), totally relaxing …

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Winning the Resistance War


How could something so small give me so much trouble? Every other one was cooperating.  But no, not this one.  It fought hard not to budge.  It dared me to try harder.  But to no avail.  It was not coming out.  What was it?  It was the dreaded resistant screw. You may have heard by now, we moved into our …

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Keeping The Holidays Happy


Another holiday season is upon us and the “hustle and bustle” is more like a “mad” rush!  Thanksgiving Thursday is overshadowed  by Black Friday, enticing holiday shoppers from the dinner table to the waiting line in order to get the best bargains stores have to offer.   For some, the pressure is not only about purchases but about people they …

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Family on the Run or Family Having Fun?


In 1990, the blockbuster movie, “Home Alone” was released in theaters and took America by storm.  Who could forget 8 year-old Kevin McCallister, the adorable blond-haired boy who was left behind by his family in their haste to catch a flight to Paris during the Christmas holiday rush.  I am sure many of us can identify with the frantic antics …

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When Your Kids Become Adults

The little feet seem to grow so fast.  Before you know it, they step into adulthood. I finished a difficult counseling session that left me feeling completely drained.  Seconds later, my phone rings.  “Oh please, not now” I thought to myself.  The caller ID reads “Jordan”.  No, not MJ.  Even better.  It’s my youngest of three, who coincidentally is 23 …

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Beautiful In Its Time

Father’s Day wasn’t supposed to end this way.  It just didn’t seem right.  In fact, just about every person I talked to echoed this sentiment, “It’s not fair!”   So what happened? The unexpected happened.  A beautiful day ended in tragedy. For my sister Pam and future brother-in-law Al, it was the best time in their life.  Their dream of …

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The Value of Human Validation

  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have something of great value and not recognize it?  Suppose for example, you owned a valuable picture, book, or rare coin and sold it in a garage sale only to discover the person who bought it became wealthy. A few years ago, an individual purchased a bowl for $3 …

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